January 19, 2012

We Are Pacifier FREE!!!!

Yes you read that correctly, today makes 1 week of NO bow-bow.

pics on Sodahead

I decided, I had waited long enough and there was no time like the present. Since October he's not been allowed to have his pacifier at school. So, Yus would walk in the door, hand his pacifier to his teacher and keep on moving. He took a nap without it, played without it, everything. Like I've said before, Yus is smart and knew that he could only use his bow bow at home. Now if I was a genius, I would have nipped it in the butt then, but I wasn't ready. Clearly I needed the bow-bow more than he did.

With my new job, our new schedule and the New Year, I decided it was time. I started slowly, no bow-bow in the car, and 2 days into, only bow-bow at night, a light bulb went off. "It's so rude of me to tease Yus with the bow-bow at night." He goes all day without it, let's just go cold turkey. And last Thursday night was rough but after milk and what felt like 10 minutes of crying he was sleep. Sweet Success and Victory all in one. Friday night was a little better, he only cried for 5 minutes and to sleep he went. Saturday night he was plan exhausted after a fun filled day of playing with his cousins. A little toss and turn and he was out. Sunday night was a breeze and we haven't looked backed since.

Next, we will conquer toilet-training... 

NOTE: Yus is teething AGAIN (when will this end) so what I call success my husband is still wishing for the bow-bow. HAHAHAHA! But I know all he needs is a little orajel and he's fine...

How did you break your child from the pacifier? 




weirdly enough, my son didn't get super attached! we realized he wasn't crying for it so we put it away permanently. congrats on weaning him off!

Nkoyo Robinson

Thanks so much!

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