June 28, 2011

Alert Tuesday: Product Recalls

Please be aware that these products have recently been recalled by their corresponding regulatory agencies:
  • Rugby Children's Pain & Fever Concentrated Drops
  • Target ~ Infant Girls Sandals
  • Britax ~ B-Nimble Strollers
  • Britax ~ Chaperon Infant Car Seat (Model E9L69N9)
  • Dorel Juvenile Group (DJG) ~ certain child restraints (11C001000)
  • Evenflo ~ certain Maestro child restraint systems
  • Cybex (10C0003000) ~ certain X-FIX Model Booster Seats
  • Maxi-Cosi (10C001000) ~ certain infant child restraint systems
---- Addition ----
Drop-side cribs have also been recalled ~ CPSC is asking parents to find an alternative safe sleeping space for their child. Ask for a repair kit to disable the drop-side.

For further information reference Consumer Products and Child Safety Seats scroll boxes.

June 24, 2011

Metra, CTA, Strollers... Oh! My

With the 4th of July holiday around the corner and the Taste of Chicago starting today. I realized that more and more families would be traveling into the city for summer fun, exploration, and to avoid the local community center for a day. As a downtown working mom, I want to lend some tips and tricks to navigating the city Monday - Friday. For a more joyous experience for all parties.

Some of you might be thinking, "I'm not going to venture downtown, during the work week," but you smart and savvy mom's and dad's know that traveling during the work week yields less crowds on certain days (Tuesday & Wednesdays).

Here are a few tips: 
  • be mindful of rush hour ~ 6:30 - 9am & 4 - 6pm
  • travel at off-peak times
  • know the Metra, CTA bus/train schedules  
  • download the Redeye app for updates on buses/trains/taxis
  • make sure your child has a seat on public transportation (politely ask for a seat for your child it's occupied and no one offers)
  • have a safety talk with the wee-bits (6 & under) 
  • use travel strollers (fold them up while on Metra & CTA)
  • cross body bag is a MUST! or book bag for dad
Remember to pack:
  • sunscreen
  • small umbrella
  • flip flops (make sure toddlers has a back strap)
  • baby wipes
  • sanitizer
  • camera
Please leave home:
My summer pet-peeve ~ the backpack leash/baby harness ~ and utilize an umbrella stroller for tots or employ the old-fashioned 'hold mommy's hand' please. To avoid, yanking the toddler, getting tangled, and/or tripping an innocent bystander. In my personal opinion using a harness doesn't teach children to listen or behave in public.

Have Fun and Eat a turkey leg for me!  

June 21, 2011

Sole Debate...

This is a debate that I've been having internally for awhile. To put 'hard bottom' shoes on my new walker or to just let him embrace his 25% Nigerian heritage and go barefoot. After recent convos with my mom, sister-in-law (SiL), and mother-in-law (MiL), I decided to do some research and make an educated decision.

Our parent's and their parent's were told that 'hard bottoms' was the way to go. So, I spoke with my son's pediatrician, found a great article and the results are either to let your child go bare foot (in the home of course), wear socks when outside, or to wear shoes that have a flexible sole. You should be able to bend the shoes in your hands. This will allow your child's feet and ankles to develop naturally. My SiL was on point, thanks "Dr. Robinson, Jr."! :)

With that being said, walking/running barefoot is a new trend taking over the running world as well, with the emergence of the FiveFingers shoe. It's said, that they help build your foot and ankle strength over time. They also, have FiveFingers in toddlers and kids sizes. Something to think about when Yus is between the ages of five and six. For now, he'll be wearing his socks and robeez, until I make a trip to StrideRite for his early walker soft motion shoes. Ah! the joy of motherhood.

Photo Credit: My First Shoe Club

June 20, 2011

Steady Goes It!

This was an eventful Father's Day and one James and I will remember forever! Our little man started walking. He was playing with my nephew; laughing, babbling and batting at the animal faces when my nephew shouted, "Go Yus, Go Yus". We looked in their direction and my baby was pushing the walker. I nearly cried. He's only 10 months but with enough practice he'll be walking by his first birthday (a goal I set for him when he was born). Not to brag but daddy and I were both early walkers!!! :) I knew he could do the same.
So, many milestones and so many more to come.

walking baby Yusuf

June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Sunday everyone. Father's Day is here! I hope all the father's have a wonderful blessed day!

The father of a righteous man has great joy;he who has a wise son delights in him. (NIV)

Proverbs 23:24


June 14, 2011

Mama's Baby!

My son has changed so much in the last few months. He went from being a calm, happy, easy-going child to an on the move all the time only stopping to eat little boy. He claps anytime a commerical is on with music. He side steps around furniture to get to toys that he's thrown across the room. He moves from room to room and hopes you'll run behind him. The funniest though, is when my husband says, "Noooo, Yusuf don't touch the DVD's" and Yus looks back with a big smile and goes for it. The hubs springs from his chair and picks him and throws him in the air. It just makes me think that he knows exactly what he's doing. As to say, "if I reach for these DVD's my dad will, toss me in the air, I'm going for it." hahaha 
have a blessed day guys!  

Yusuf doing laundry


June 12, 2011

Sunday Dinner!

I did it! Lasagna was amazing. James wants to renew our vows... hahahahaha
mmmmmm good! the hubs loved it!!!

My Lasagna ~ 1st try

June 11, 2011

Cooking Challenge Wk1:

In an attempt to get on more of schedule as a family. The hubs and I have decided to not eat out or buy fast 'healthy' food for the week. We went grocery shopping this afternoon and bought food for the week, including breakfast & lunch and items we needed for Yusuf. I decided to pick one meat and make dishes around it. 

So, this weeks menu will be: 
Sunday ~ Lasagna w/ Apple Cheddar Salad 
Monday ~ Ranch Sliders w/ Sweet Potato Fries 
Tuesday ~ Left Overs 
Wednesday ~ Spaghetti w/ meat sauce 
Thursday ~ Left Overs 
Friday ~ Taco Friday 

This is going to be the most I have ever cooked in a week if I can pull it off. The plan is to prepare all the meat on Sunday and freeze it, so the only thing left to do during the week is cook the fries, pasta, mix the salad and defrost and heat the meat. 

I can do it! I just need to stay focused and keep thinking about the money we will be saving. Let's go Robinson's!!!

Where are you...

... summer where are you? I was so excited for this summer of 1st for my son. The beach, sunglasses, sandals, etc. But unfortunately the Chicago weather is a BIG tease. We had 2 days of great summer weather in the 90's and then 3 days of gloomy April showers in June. I just want the summer to come before the 4th of July. Is that too much ask for! I've had visions of the hubs building a sand castle and Yusuf smashing it with his hands and then putting the sand in his mouth. Can you see the photo? If the weather doesn't change soon I won't get my photo. :( So, summer if your listening, hurry up and get here, thanks!


June 10, 2011

Charity Running

I decided to run the Chicago Half Marathon in memory of my Nana (Run4Nana). I truly haven't trained since my high school track & cross county days, so this is a big step in the right healthy direction for me. I'm running to raise money for Diabetes Research & Action Education Foundation. This hits close to home for me as my Nana passed away from diabetes in April.
Surprisingly enough, I have found that training for this race in September has giving me much needed 'mommy time'. Running helps clear my mind before work and has helped me drop a few lbs that were sticking around.
.... more to come
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