June 21, 2011

Sole Debate...

This is a debate that I've been having internally for awhile. To put 'hard bottom' shoes on my new walker or to just let him embrace his 25% Nigerian heritage and go barefoot. After recent convos with my mom, sister-in-law (SiL), and mother-in-law (MiL), I decided to do some research and make an educated decision.

Our parent's and their parent's were told that 'hard bottoms' was the way to go. So, I spoke with my son's pediatrician, found a great article and the results are either to let your child go bare foot (in the home of course), wear socks when outside, or to wear shoes that have a flexible sole. You should be able to bend the shoes in your hands. This will allow your child's feet and ankles to develop naturally. My SiL was on point, thanks "Dr. Robinson, Jr."! :)

With that being said, walking/running barefoot is a new trend taking over the running world as well, with the emergence of the FiveFingers shoe. It's said, that they help build your foot and ankle strength over time. They also, have FiveFingers in toddlers and kids sizes. Something to think about when Yus is between the ages of five and six. For now, he'll be wearing his socks and robeez, until I make a trip to StrideRite for his early walker soft motion shoes. Ah! the joy of motherhood.

Photo Credit: My First Shoe Club


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Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading more from you. I decided to do the barefoot thing after research.

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