November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!  

The Robinson ~

November 18, 2011

The Lighting of Magnificent Mile: Sweet Coco's

Yayayay! Mickey, Minnie and the gang are coming tomorrow and I'm definitely more excited than Yus. He has no idea they are coming, let alone who they are. The 20th annual Magnificent Mile lighting kicks off the holiday season here in the Chicagoland area and this year we're having a party.

So, while my SiL is in full on party planner mode. I'm perfecting my Mickey Mouse cupcakes to give to the kiddos. Thanks to Frenchie and Flea's  for the peppermint patties ear idea for the cupcakes and to Martha for a great yellow cupcake recipe. I can say now that I am no longer a box cake girl!  

I started baking last night and will finish tonight (there was no way I could bake 50 cupcakes in one night). I'll wake up early tomorrow morning, decorate and box my Mickey cupcakes and head downtown to my MiL's house for the festivities.

Click here for more info on the 2011 Magnificent Mile lights festival and I'll add some cupcakes pictures to this post over the weekend.

Does your family have any holiday traditions or starting any this year?
Here are the Mickey Mouse cupcakes I made


Weekend Grove Music: Beyonce 'I Was Here'

I am extremely thankful for the opportunities that my parents were able to afford me. I was blessed to go to great schools, meet and make friends from all around the world, and have an awesome relationship with my parents. I thank them for there hard work which in turn showed me that hard work yields greatness.

I feel that I am leaving my mark and want to be able to allow Yus to do the same. I want him to have more than I had, travel further than I have, and leave his mark on this world. I pray the strength and meaning of his name gives him courage to succeed and accomplish much!

Yusuf ~ Arabic for "He shall increase"

Love this video!

Have a safe and blessed weekend ... leave your mark on this world! 

November 14, 2011

Motherhood: A Thankful Job

Over the weekend I had an awesome revelation. I remember being pregnant and speaking with moms and friends and family about becoming a mom. I was so excited to start this new chapter in my life called motherhood with all the ups and downs and lefts and rights that came with it. 

There was one common theme that I kept hearing, "Girl, being a mom is a thankless job". I thought REALLY thankless! Sure our husbands may not wake up every morning and say, "Thank you for going to work, taking care of the kids, cooking, and cleaning." But I'm sure he shows his appreciation on a daily basis, by helping out when needed, keeping his distance during that crucial 'time of the month' and changing that awful diaper that has you gagging.

Think about it, even our kids thank us every day. For instance, like clock work Yus rises at 5:30am, yells into the monitor, and when I turn on the light and say good morning he smiles. That's a thank you. When I get him dressed in the morning and he claps when I pull his shirt over his head and say peak-a-boo. That's a thank you. When I read him a story and he claps. That's a thank you. Every time Yus claps, smiles, giggles or laughs, it means thank you mommy. 

Motherhood is a thankful job. The appreciation is all around us. We just have to accept not always hearing it and instead see it in what our spouses and children do. 

What do the little people and big boys in your life do to say thank you?

November 13, 2011

Sunday Blessings: Children's Service

My husband, is an associate minister at our church, Second Baptist Church in Evanston, and has been selected to teach the youth today. 
He'll be speaking from Matthew 25:14-30 The Parable of Bags of Gold/Talents - using what God has given you to make the most out of you have. It reminded me of Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Silly Song. Showing children that when you don't do anything with you have, it gets you know where in life. No traveling, exploring, learning, or fun with friends, etc.

Loves it! Thanks Veggie Tales!
Be Blessed...

November 11, 2011

West Suburb Activites:

I'm always scouting for weekend and evening activities in the burbs to attend with Yus. These are some really fun one's that work for working moms...
Barnes & Noble Story Time: 
Dupage Children's Museum (DCM) Family Fun Night: 
~ this Friday, 11/11 have fun Sculpting a Fairy Tale in the art studio from 5-7pm and the museum is open until 8pm on Fridays for extra family fun.


Weekend Grove Music: Five Jive w/ Elmo Hammer

Yus loves the "123 Count With Me" Sesame Street movie and his absolute FAVORITE song is Five Jive. He does this circle move with his right foot planted on the ground and the left foot moves him in a circle. Too funny!
Have a great and safe weekend!

November 10, 2011

Easy Prints: Walgreens Photo Center

It's Holiday time and living so far away from my family is tough. We won't be going East this holiday season :( but thanks to Walgreens Photo Center I was able to send Yus' school photos quick and fast. I uploaded the photos, picked sizes, and selected pick up in store. I chose the store closest to my mom and her screech of excitement was confirmation I did a good job. My mom loves prints! She likes to carry them in her brag book and buy cute frames to showcase "GiGi's baby" in her home.

Since, I'm terrible at snail mail these days, even though I carry stamps in my wallet, it just doesn't ever make the mailbox on time. I have to set a reminder on my phone and leave a post-it visible just to remember. Hence, why I love ordering online and shipping directly to the sender. The joys of modern technology. 

November 8, 2011

Well Visits: Cold & Flu Season

Dr. Anderson is an awesome doctor
Yes, it's that time of year again. Two years ago a flu shot was not on my radar. It was for parents and my great-grandma and I was neither. Now, I am all for the flu shot - up to a certain age. 

Have you had your flu shot yet? 

I had mine and Yus had his yesterday along with his other 15 month-old shots. I had to work so, James took Yus to the doctors. Of course pictures were taken to document the moment and Yus was a trooper!

I still believe in the thought that too much medicine will not allow your body not to fight back as hard as it should. So, we try not to give Yus medicine every time his nose runs. Our immune systems are set up to fight and repair. I like to think I'm the female version of Wolverine, the self healing body, a little shake of the head, exercise, orange juice and vitamins does a body good. 

Hope your home is prepared for cold and flu season. Here are some things we added to our grocery list: 
  • disinfecting wipes 
  • honey liquid cold medicine (I still can't swallow pills to well)
  • throat lozenges and spray 
  • tissues w/ aloe and Vic's (AMAZING!)
  • orange & cranberry juice 
  • peppermint tea 
  • honey 
  • apple cider vinegar (mixed w/ warm water and a bit of salt - shake or stir and gargle - on hand in case you run out of throat spray)
What's on your list this cold and flu season?

November 4, 2011

Weekend Groove Music: India Arie

I am going to my first ever natural hair event Treasure Our Tresses with a couple of co-workers. I've been natural (no relaxer) my entire life. This should be lots of fun. So, let's ROCK OUT to India Arie - I Am Not My Hair.

Have a fun, safe and blessed weekend! 
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