November 8, 2011

Well Visits: Cold & Flu Season

Dr. Anderson is an awesome doctor
Yes, it's that time of year again. Two years ago a flu shot was not on my radar. It was for parents and my great-grandma and I was neither. Now, I am all for the flu shot - up to a certain age. 

Have you had your flu shot yet? 

I had mine and Yus had his yesterday along with his other 15 month-old shots. I had to work so, James took Yus to the doctors. Of course pictures were taken to document the moment and Yus was a trooper!

I still believe in the thought that too much medicine will not allow your body not to fight back as hard as it should. So, we try not to give Yus medicine every time his nose runs. Our immune systems are set up to fight and repair. I like to think I'm the female version of Wolverine, the self healing body, a little shake of the head, exercise, orange juice and vitamins does a body good. 

Hope your home is prepared for cold and flu season. Here are some things we added to our grocery list: 
  • disinfecting wipes 
  • honey liquid cold medicine (I still can't swallow pills to well)
  • throat lozenges and spray 
  • tissues w/ aloe and Vic's (AMAZING!)
  • orange & cranberry juice 
  • peppermint tea 
  • honey 
  • apple cider vinegar (mixed w/ warm water and a bit of salt - shake or stir and gargle - on hand in case you run out of throat spray)
What's on your list this cold and flu season?


This Cookn' Mom

I think those over the counter cold and runny nose medicines actually make things worse. Without that medicine, the kids will actually get rid of the cough and runny nose faster.

Those medicines only just mask the symptoms.

Nkoyo Robinson

Yes, so true. The cold always comes back and worse. Then you have to get an antibiotic which is awful in my book because then the next time they sick their body needs a stronger antibiotic just to get rid of the cold.

Nia/Chic Working Moms

All of those things and soup. I always pick up soup at the onset of cooler weather. I'm a medicine loving gal (it's bad, I know). I take it for everything but luckily my husband is the opposite so we're not a family of druggies. lol

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