November 10, 2011

Easy Prints: Walgreens Photo Center

It's Holiday time and living so far away from my family is tough. We won't be going East this holiday season :( but thanks to Walgreens Photo Center I was able to send Yus' school photos quick and fast. I uploaded the photos, picked sizes, and selected pick up in store. I chose the store closest to my mom and her screech of excitement was confirmation I did a good job. My mom loves prints! She likes to carry them in her brag book and buy cute frames to showcase "GiGi's baby" in her home.

Since, I'm terrible at snail mail these days, even though I carry stamps in my wallet, it just doesn't ever make the mailbox on time. I have to set a reminder on my phone and leave a post-it visible just to remember. Hence, why I love ordering online and shipping directly to the sender. The joys of modern technology. 


South Loop Social Light

Isn't Walgreens the best! I used to upload photos online and get them printed all the time. It's been a while, but once my husband and I get moved into our new place I'll definitely be heading back up there to have prints for some nice frames.

On another note I keep stamps in my purse too!! Are we old ladies at heart? lol... I always need to mail a check in to pay my HOA fees lol...

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