July 28, 2011

Birthday Planning - Final Stretch

We are officially just ONE weekend away from Yus' birthday party and I'm starting to get really, really, really excited. I got a great idea for a fun activity from a co-worker. I've been really leery about hiring a clown, a masked man, or even having my husband read a story. I just think kids under the age of 3 are going to be a bit freaked-out by a clown or a masked man and may become restless with story telling. My co-worker suggested some type of arts-and-craft. In that moment a light bulb went off. Why didn't I think of that! The craft can also double as the party-gift. GENIUS! 
So, the craft will be sponge/finger painting on a canvas. First, thoughts are this is messy right! Well, I will also be providing a smock and the party is at the Park so clean up is a breeze. Wipe anyone? I think I have it all figure out and hopefully my little sister will step in and help. She's seven so this is right up her ally. 

Jungle Canvas Creations: 
~ let the kids create their own jungle canvas (pictures to come)
  1. all white 8'x10' canvas'
  2. paint (in party colors)
  3. jungle animal sponges 
  4. jungle animal stickers 
  5. smock/large t-shirts 
  6. large sheet (to cover table or lawn area)
UPDATE: Things to Do before the Big Day
10) cake mix for jungle cupcakes
9) jungle cupcake decorations
8) jungle decorations
7) find safari entertainment - i.e. put together a skit for daddy to do w/ stuffed jungle animals
6) decided on the menu w/ FiL
5) send out the invites
4) final guest list (may have to call some folks)
3) birthday boy outfit
2) favors
1) dinner spot for the hubs' celebration

Almost there...



Hey im over from 20sb...and oh my the BIG 1 my little angle is 6 months and I couldn't imagine her turning one.....oh my 6 months is too much for me I just want my little baby back lol...but good luck at the party that sounds like an awesome idea!!



Thanks! It goes by so fast, take tons of photos.

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