July 26, 2011

Oh! No you Didn't...

I have to stop myself from laughing these days. Yus is getting his own little personality and my momma was right! As it stands right now, my precious baby boy has a 'me' personality. That just means, he knows what he wants and will go toe to toe with you to get it. Oh! lord, give me strength. 

Although, he's not saying a lot of words other than, 'dadadadada' and 'ditditditdit' each time definitely means something different. For instance, last night he decided he was going to feed himself. Normally, I'm fine with the development and push him to do so. But it was 'my' bowl of fruit that he had thrown his bottle clear across the room for and inched closer to me on the bed. Before I knew it, his little hands were picking out a strawberry and shoving it into his mouth. REALLY? It's 8:00pm, bottle time. So, I said, "Yus, that's mommy's strawberry if you'd like one just ask and we can share." And this is where I had to stop myself from laughing because he wanted to have a conversation. Yus said, "dadadadad - dadada", as he held the edge of the bowl and reached back in for the strawberry that he took out his mouth and placed back in my bowl. I said, "Sure you may have some" and he said, "ditditdit." Ahahahaha, now of course the conversation went on longer than that, because we did that with every piece of fruit in my bowl. When I had to cut him off he almost snapped on me but I think he was to tired too.

Oh! motherhood is amazing.
daddy woke me up ~ let's talk!




Girl u funny. Its got 2 b fun 2 enjoy every precious moment of life, n 2 enjoy it them with such a speacial gift. U are blessed, U b blessed, n U stay blessed.lovya


Thanks family! Love you too

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