February 15, 2012

Healthy Living: Take 1

So, my competitive side has reared it's ugly head. In the past 2 or 3 months my handsome husband has lost approximately 40lbs. SERIOUSLY, I just can't deal. I'm still carrying around this 30lbs that just won't go away. I refuse to call it "baby weight" since my baby Yus is now a year and half. My "baby weight" window has expired. Clearly I have NO MORE excuses (since my husband can do it) and with the summer quickly approaching I have to get my butt in shape literally and figuratively.

Since, March starts, the Spring/Summer event calendar with his graduation, a Mike Epps show (gifted by my lovely MiL), my BFs wedding, and then a family vacation. Not to mention I turn 27 this year. Like, seriously I can't be the unfit chick in the family photos anymore. It's just not hot.

So, things must change and I'm taking it one step at a time. First, up my food in-take. I've cut out sugar and limited the starches. Which means, when dinning out, I'll I be scoping the menu before hand for the healthiest options. 
Kudos to me because I didn't par-take in the VDay sweets and I even walked into Dunkin Donuts and bought munchkins and donuts for Yus' class and his teachers and didn't have notta one. HOLLA! I inhaled a lot though while I was in there. :) It just smelled so mmmmm good.
It's worked in the past and I need to start doing it again.

So see ya later unfit momma...


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