September 27, 2011

Headbanger - Hold the Heavy Metal

Dr. Mom appeared again last night. This is time I diagnosed Yus with a concussion. It's amazing how Sunday night J and I were just talking about how we have to be really careful where we place Yus now that his *'spaz-out'* moments are starting to happening.
I sat Yus on the kitchen floor, so I could get him some milk (big mistake) and he decided that's not where he wanted to be. It happened in an instant but here's the slow-mo version.

I sat Yus on the kitchen floor, reached for the sippy cup on the counter, turned to the fridge for the milk and then I noticed 'Super Dad' jump from the couch and I heard this bang. I turned and Yus was SCREAMING and J was picking him up.
It happened so fast. I finished getting his milk and went over to check on him and his eyes were droopy (in my opinion). I told J he had a concussion and that we should head over to Elmhurst Immediate Care. I'm telling all this to a man who has had 5 count them 5 concusions in his HS football career. He politly said, "I think he's fine. In an hour if he hasn't perked up we can call the nurse and head over."

In short, we didn't have to go to Immediate Care and J's judgement was spot on. An hour later he had finished dinner and was playing around like nothing happened. I did do the follow the finger and eye test just to make sure before he went to sleep 5 hours later. :)

*'spaz-out' moment - noun. akward movement, tantrum; verb. to lower one's self to the ground in order to get their way*


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