August 1, 2011

Changes on the Horizon

My little man, will soon be ONE and I can't help but think of two major adjustments that need to be made. First things first his bow-bow usage. I think this is going to be harder on me than it is on him, I just can't take the crying. He makes the hardest looking faces and then his lip quivers and before the sound comes, one loan tear slides out his eye and on to his cheek. DRAMA!!! And he can scream. It's a blessing the neighbors don't come knocking. I figure if he does start crying, gets irritable, or needs security I can do the following:
  1. address the issue and give some TLC
  2. divert his attention ~ to something new 
  3. when in doubt sing a song & have a dance party
The second adjustment is the 4 - 6 hour sleep cycle. Some nights I can give him his bow-bow and he's good for the rest of the night but other nights he won't go back to sleep until I bring him in our bed. We all know the problem with that. Shoot! I don't have enough space as it is with the two of us and now there's a third body. GREAT! To combat this issue I may have to institute the cry-out method once we fully rid ourselves of the bow-bow. Am I wishful thinking - to think that 6 months from now we will be bow-bow and co-sleep FREE!! I'm praying for it! I found some good advice here.
Do you have any ideas, please let me know? 


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