August 26, 2011

Mommy Time Saver ~

Clearly, I need to listen to commercials more intently. Have you seen those Walgreens commercials advertising their 'web pickup' feature? If you haven't - 'web pickup' allows you to shop online and pick up in the store.  Convenient right!?! We tend to get our odds and ends at Walgreens and I enjoy shopping for my personal needs their, face cleansers, hair products, other mom needs, etc.  

So, I had to try it out. Thinking about how much time this would save me and how easy it would be to just send the husband to Walgreens and all he'd have to do was show photo ID at the photo counter and get handed a bag. Oh! The Joy! Of, course I was still a bit skeptical so I called the Walgreens by my job and sure enough, "Yes, Ms. we do web pickup." SOLD!

I placed a really small order, two products (conditioner and styling product) picked my pickup date and time and paid with my card. So easy! A receipt was sent to my email address and I also had the option to print a receipt. Once I received the 'Your order is ready email' I went and picked it up. Easypezy!!! 

I estimate this will save at minimum 30 minutes - 7 minutes explaining what I need, 3 minutes detailing it in an email (my husbands loves emails), 10 minutes of my husband in the store wandering & then leaving, 10 minutes me running in the store and grabbing what's needed and waiting in line to pay. Ah! now what to do with that extra 30 minutes.




I know what you can do with those 30 the girls for a drink =P Thanks for the info YSM. I have yet to see this Walgreens commercial, probably because all I watch is reruns on MTV2 and TVOne o_O but I will definitely try out the service!

Miss Dre

I know I'm all late with reading this, but this was a lifesaver! This just saved me so much time to learn about.

Thanks for sharing, YSM!

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