August 31, 2011

Mental Game Plan

Heading to see my family over the Labor Day weekend!!!! whoop whoop! Most of our trips these days are by air since driving more than 2 hours with a 12 month/1year (I clearly don't know which to use - another post to come) is crazy in my book. I made my list of clothes, accessories, and toys for the suitcase as well as those for the diaper bag. I can't live without my travel lists.

Anyway, I must say I'm more nervous this time around. Yus, is a seasoned flyer having hit New Jersey and North Carolina at 6 weeks and 8 months respectively and Texas at 6 months. Each trip was a little more adventurous than the next and learning experiences. On the 6 week old trip I got over my fear of nursing in public to avoid the scream that would ensue if Yus didn't get his milk on YUS TIME. The 6 month trip proved that traveling with my husband made things a bit easier if he did it my way! :-) The 8 month trip we learned that mommy can't meet daddy at the airport because he'll forget something - the stroller... who forgets a stroller, my handsome husband does. AHHH! But anyway, I'm gearing up mentally for this trip. Role playing how things could go now that Yus is a mover & shaker. Each smile, cry, and bottle throw down to the spaz-moment and to the Speedy Gonzales crawl/walk, down and up the aisle of the plane.

It makes me feel better to be prepared for all the 'what ifs' or this 'could happen' moments. In my head the trip is currently playing out like this:

Airport drop off. Check bags, slow walk through security (remember socks). Yus slightly awake since flight is early in the morning. Ready milk cup, diaper change, adjust diaper bag so snacks and blocks are on the top. Speak with attendant for stroller gate check-in, receive tag, fold up stroller, put stroller in gate check bag, board plane. And this repeats in my head with the occasional fuss for milk/snack and wanting to cruise the terminal. --- Repeat for brief 45 minute layover. While on the plane my current vision is that Yus doesn't sleep and wants to roam the aisle. Throws a block (soft block) at the person sitting in front of us, spills milk/water on mommy (remember to pack an extra shirt), and finally once we descend he falls asleep. --- Repeat for final destination. Ahahahaha!


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