October 12, 2011

Fall Season Excitement: Sonny Acres Farm Adventure

This past weekend Yus and I headed out to Sonny Acres Farm. We arrived at about 11:30am and the farm was hoppin'. Not too crowed but just enough to make it an adventure. He had taken a nap on the car ride over so the first 15 minutes was wake-up time. Not so bad, since I had to get my barrings and get tickets for the pony ride and kiddie koral.

The farm is amazing to say the least. It truly does cater to families and has something for everyone. Since, I knew Yus wasn't going to last long. I only purchased 6 tickets, $6. Just enough for the pony ride, 3 tickets and the kiddie koral, 2 tickets per child and 1 ticket for adults (but if you have more than 1 child the adult doesn't need a ticket). 

Mr. Pony

Yus was a little hesitant with the pony. It was funny, the girl that took our picture said, "He's not too impressed with this pony." Hahahah! The ride wasn't too long and I was glad I decided to wear my sneakers instead sandals. Not a good look to have pony poo in the toes.

He walked/ran around the kiddie koral. It's like a small gated obstacle course for the little ones, I'd guess for ages 1 - 7. Yus went through a tunnel, that I thought was dark, but my little man has no fear, so I wasn't stopping him. He also thought it was a good idea to touch everything. We both learned he's not a big fan of hay.

Kiddie Koral

By the time we did those two things and I took pictures of him by the pumpkins it had already been an hour and half and we were both tired. Sonny Acres does have a petting zoo but I thought he was a little too young for that. Next time I'll add it to the list of to do's.

~ Do take a stroller - they do offer wagons for older kids
~ Do bring sanitizer and hand wipes - they have Porto-potties and an outdoor changing area for little ones - not sure if there is an indoor changing area for chillier/colder days
~ Food is carnival style - tons to choose from and moderately priced - although we didn't eat
~ Do take a picture by the scare 'How Tall This Fall' it makes for a great height chart and can become a tradition

'How Tall This Fall' 2 feet

All in all, it was a lot of fun and we'll definitely be returning next year.




This looks like so much fun! I need to take my little man to a farm, living in the concrete jungle doesn't give us much farm life. :)

Nkoyo Robinson

Check this out -

It's this weekend, I'll post it on your blog as well.

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