October 3, 2011

Hair Puller vs. The Screamer

I've always been one of those girls that wanted boys, thinking that girls are more expensive. The clothes, matching hair bows, shoes, dance lessons etc. I still think girls are more expensive but I'm starting to believe that they are a lot calmer and less physical. 

Since, giving birth my only side-affect has been the breakage of my edges (on my hair line). Not so bad, since I can cover them with a head band or pull my hair back into a ponytail. Unfortunately, Yus thinks my hair is a toy. Especially now that him and J play WWE wrestling and Yus assumes that all the rough-housing can be done with mommy too. He enjoys grabbing my face, around the eye area, which causes him to laugh uncontrollably and me to shriek. He loves pulling me in for sloppy kisses which is cute and I love it! Except most times those kisses always come with a few strands of hair loss.

Needless to say, I've have to resort to taking my prenatal vitamins again in an effort to promote some hair growth from all the hair pulling. I mean seriously, boys are ROUGH. I go to sleep some nights in pain, wishing I didn't mind taking something to relieve the headache that always seems to follow. 
I do let him know that his hair pulling hurts mommy and remove his hands from hair but I think he's just not old enough to understand his strength just yet. 

Any advice, on how to get my 13 month old to be more gentle with me is MUCH welcomed!


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