October 6, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

I'd like to thank Between Two Rams, the Academy, my husband, my baby boy... MOMMY LOVES YOU YUS!!! :-) No, seriously, thank you! I have always seen blogs get awards and I wanted one. You have no idea how exciting this is for me.

I'm going to follow the leader on this one and link to the mom blogger who gave me this award. Nicole at Between Two Rams is an East Coast mommy doing a great job juggling motherhood, family, and blogging. Also, I am to share 7 things about myself and pass this award on to 15 other bloggers .

My 7 things:
1) I have a love affair with chocolate. Anything chocolate is amazing to me.
2) My favorite color is orange. It's just bright sunshine and makes me smile.
3) I love laughing and joking. I'm far from a comedian but I like to think that my theatrical personality makes my story-telling abilities amusing for all.
4) Dancing makes me feel better. It allows me to express all kinds of emotions. I trained for 16 years with the Venettes Cultural Workshop in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and African. When I went to college (Seton Hall University) I started Silent Praise, Praise dance ministry with my best friend Ryanne and realized that I could merge my talent with praising God. Loves it!
5) I love blogging and freelance writing - it's such a great outlet
6) I really can't wait until my son starts playing sports. I dig the soccer mom thing minus the minivan. I'm just not a minivan girl.
7) I have finally found my style ~ I'm classic meets trendy! Meaning all my major pieces are classic and I add trends in with accessories. Needless to say my wardrobe is going through a slow overhaul. :-)

Now I grant the below bloggers ~ the Versatile Blogger Award ~ check them out:




Thanks so much for this honor!! I am thrilled! I have also started an online newspaper for blogging moms/dads called Mommy's Post ( I would love it if you all submitted your blogs for publication! Submit some of your favorite posts to today!

Sean Marie

Aw, thank you! And congrats to you! I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend. :)


Thank you for the award! So happy to know that you've been visiting my blog!

Nkoyo Robinson

Your welcome ladies! It's all about supporting each other.

Miss Dre

Thank you so much for the award, Nkoyo!!! Also, congrats on receiving the award! You deserve it =)

Nkoyo Robinson

Thanks Miss Dre as do you!

This Cookn' Mom

Thank you for the award! I am honored! A special congratulations to you on your award!! :))

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